Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 10/11/11

Impressive day yesterday.  Busy classes with a lot of excited people killing the WOD.  In case you didn't know, I threw out a little challenge on FaceBook that if a guy did the WOD using the 100 pound KB or a woman doing it using a 70 pound and completing at least 10 rounds got a free tshirt and bragging rights.  I didn't expect anyone to complete it yet.  I'm very happy we had someone win but shocked that it happened so soon.  DK killed it, got over 10 rounds and used the 100 pound KB.  LEGIT!!!!

The start of the "Run the Bluff" race.  You can see the CFIB faces popping up all over the place

Only one person dressed in costume for the Run the Bluff, I wish there were more.  But look at this outfit, awesome.............and a CFIB member.  Thanks Rebecca for showing off your super powers.

Strength:  (we will take more time than normal on strength)

Front Squat 3x3x3x1x1

OH Squat    3x3x3x1x1

WOD: 6 Minutes

Every minute on the minute do 7 burpees

with the remaining time do max Push Press (75/55)

*Your score is the total number of Push Press

Let's count the awesome in this picture.  1.  70 pound KB  2.  CFIB new Super Hero Training Academy T-shirt 3. InShane  4. Karen 5.0

So many good and bad things with the fitness industry.  The following product is a good thing, because it makes me laugh :-) and yes we need one for the gym.

You'll notice the new name in red for men, "Hammer". This is the former Chris R.  AKA "Army".  After his spectacular display of dance  moves Friday night, his name had to change.  Combine how he hammers WODs and his MC Hammer dance moves, it was the easiest nickname ever.  STOP HAMMER TIME!

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