Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 10/13/11

We talk online and  in the gym about eating clean, eating paleo or Zone but mainly eating clean.  Personally, I'm starting to think it isn't for us.  Screw it, not exercising or eating clean anymore.

Top reasons NOT to Eat Clean or Excercise

I know I know, eating clean and being healthy are so overrated.  I think these are some pretty good reasons to NOT to get all caught up in that "fitness craze"..............................

* I don't mind having chemicals I can't pronounce in my body.

* It really doesn't bother me to look 10 years older than I am.

* Muffin tops and beer bellies just might come into fashion.

* They make clothes with elastic bands for a reason.  They have Pajama Jeans!!! Score!!!

*  My doctor is my friend and I want to keep him financially secure.

*  If I want to feel young and energetic I can always buy a Rockstar energy drink. (shhh don’t tell Erin or DK)

*  If I want my arms to look slim and tone, I can always wear a black top with long sleeves.

* Who wants to sweat?  It just makes me smell like an old pair of wet sneakers...yuck!

*  I Dont want guys to be jealous of me and my guns, and have the women eye me up and down. LOL  ok ok ok that's not true, you know this one is a joke.  I wear tight shorts and no sleeves for a reason :-)

Not for you?   Yeah...I didn't think so!  See you at the box and eat clean!

Post WOD here is Jess smiling.  You know we've been open a year and Jess read our gym rules ( and she said she was going to do a WOD in a dress, functional training.  Hmmmmm has anyone seen Jess do a WOD in a dress? I sure haven't.

Skill:  Snatch

WOD:  8 Rounds

3 Power Snatch(135/95)

10 Wall Balls (20/14)

Great job with Jackie yesterday.  I'm very excited with how the gym did overall.  Very very strong times as a gym.  This first picture are our scores from 5/18/11

Here are the scores from yesterday.  Overall FANTASTIC!!!! we'll visit Jackie again in 4-6 months.  If you did Jackie in May or November post your Pr's and feelings in comments.  I'll post right away, i'm pumped with my Pr.

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