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Friday 10/21/11

Here is something we put together and part of the thoughts came from this came from

“Dropping the Bar”

Our push, drive and attitude can rub off on everyone around us whether it's a hard-ass attitude, a lazy attitude, or a positive one. 

We all know those WODs that we go into trying to do all the reps unbroken?  You’re pushing it with all you have, then you hear it……..someone else drops the bar.  You’re in a lot of pain but know you can do more, but since you heard that person drop the bar it’s like you’ve been given a golden permission slip from the coach so you can drop the bar and take some rest too.  

Has this EVER happened to you?  I've been on both sides of this one.  And, when I am the first to drop and realize it may have caused a chain reaction, I feel even worse.  Now this is only in the gym….What about in life?

For example, If I leave my clothes on the floor, dishes in the living room, opt for a less-healthy meal or my attitude isn’t enthusiastic and positive, what effect will it have on the people around me that I care about?  Will they, in turn, leave their crap laying around everywhere, eat food from crinkly wrappers, have less motivation and be depressed? 

I don't know but maybe it does?  So, Im going to TRY not to drop the bar in life, at work, in my marriage, with my children and around my friends.  I’m not perfect and don’t expect anyone else to be.  But I try. 

It is always best to "secure your mask before assisting others" but almost always it is easier for us to do something for others than to do something for ourselves.  So, if not for me then Im going to try to be stronger, more positive, healthier for the people around me.

Today, inside and outside of the Box, I'm going to try to not drop the bar.  And maybe, by being stronger, the people around me will be stronger and happier, as well. 

Strength:  Deadlift Week 3

WOD:  7 Minutes of work

Every minute on the minute do 10 Pull-Ups

Then with the remaining time of the minute do max double unders.

Your score is the total number of double unders completed after all 7 minutes.

Get that weight up Mud.

Nice ROM Robbie, I can't wait to see your first official muscle up on video. 

Also it's coming up on November, you know what that means?  MOVEMBER!!!  Do you want to participate or just help the raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.  You can make a donation or join the CFIB Movember team here:

I plan on growing such an awesome stach that my chest hair turns into a stach too.  Just like Ron F'ing Swanson

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