Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 10/25/11

So we need to do a Halloween WOD.  Would you rather have costumes during all the Friday classes or have a special 730pm Halloween WOD this Friday.  Costumes highly encouraged.  We can't do this Monday because that's Halloween and I'm trick or treating....errrrr I mean, I am taking my kids trick or treating :)

Thursday will be a CrossFit Interbay Benchmark WOD, that will go on the big white board..  What is it? You'll see on Thursday.  We have not done it before, this is a new creation and we will run this in two heats.

Don't forget:

It's amazing how comfortable that floor can be post WOD.

Team fun Tuesday.

Teams of 2(mix up the teams and make them co-ed as much as you can):

25 Minute AMRAP

15 Push Press (75/55)

25 Box Jumps (20 inches)

50 Flutter Kicks

The cult of CrossFit

Man, I can't wait for Movember.  Are you signed up?  If not any donation you can do is great.

Cindy Scores from yesterday 


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