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Monday 10/31/11

We will have our regularly scheduled classes today. 

Remember, just one more week until we start our new schedule.  Tell your friends :-)

I wanted to share with you an example of how all of you are doing your part to inspire and motivate one another.  For days, Nicole has been a little nervous about "Karen 5.0."  Determined however, she came in on Saturday to knock it out.  At first, she was the only one in the Saturday class who was going to do it but Karen F. decided to step up and do the workout with her.  That is exactly what CrossFit is all about . . . stepping up and facing things head on that you're not comfortable with and Karen is kick A$$ too for stepping in to do the WOD and sweat right along with Nicole.  Even though they were nervous because it looked rough, they attacked it and killed it.  It was inspiring to watch them both do it and it got the gym excited.  I feel bad for not being able to post a picture of Karen but the ones I took on Saturday came out blurry, make sure you give her big props. 

Everyone stopped what they were doing to cheer and watch Nicole attack the WOD.


Strength:  Backsquat Week 1

WOD:  5 Rounds for time

Run 400m

9 Thrusters (115/75)

*to get Rx not only do you have to do the weight but you have to do every round set of 9 reps, unbroken. 

**20 Minute Time Cap on this WOD.

Hahahaha the best quote in the following link/article was this regarding Athletes at a CrossFit Competition:   "It was like King Kong went to the olympics and impregnated all the gymnasts."

Things we love - CrossFit

Try something new for 30 days: Try something new for 30 days

More inspiring women from the 9:15 am class.

Love this.  As we grew up, we build bad habits we're trying to break.  However, your child squats better than you :-)

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