Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 10/6/11

It doesn't matter how hard a workout is or what grunts and screams are going on.....Tracie is always smiling :-)

Skill:  Muscle Ups

WOD:  It's time for a CrossFit Benchmark WOD.  I know I told some of you it was Nancy but it's actually "Diane"  Hint hint, don't ask me what tomorrows workout is right after I finish a WOD and I'm laying on the floor gasping for air. Post WOD I have the memory of a gold fish.



Deadlift (225/155)

Handstand Push-Ups

Yee Hawww!!!!

Remember. Sign up for the Magnolia 12k/5k and kids 1 mile race "Run the Bluff" It's just a few days away.  Even if you don't race they can use lots of volunteers.  If you're interested in volunteering just say hi to Geoff in the gym and his phone and email are on the board.  However don't drunk dial him at 2am.....I found out the hard way he doesn't like that :-)  Oh another fun fact about the race.  There are 300 people registered so far and 70% are women.  Way to step it up ladies!!!!

Here is an interesting link on a recovery club for professional recovery tools for weekend warriors, not local.  A good take away from it regarding recovery between weekend warriors and pro athletes:  

Pro Level training for weekend warriors

“In fact, we think amateur athletes have more to gain here. Pros are already focused on recovery and are looking at single-percent performance gains. But amateurs often don’t have time for recovery workouts; when they work out they go hard every time. So muscles get tight from all that metabolic waste, and it builds up and people never really recover. With amateurs, the room for improvement is so much bigger.”

Not only do you need to warm up and down with the class(cough cough, coaches are the worst at doing this for some reason) but do that extra mobility work before and after classes, get massage, see a professional, use the foam rollers and lacross balls. 

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet slow motion Muscle Ups in competition

Jason Khalipa tutorial on the Muscle Up

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