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Monday 10/10/11

Last week was amazing from the "Karen 5.0" surprise the gym received from all the members, the 1 year anniversary party and the Mangolia "Run the Bluff" 5k/12k races.  I'm looking forward to more adventures and CFIB events very soon.  It was so much for one week and time to get back on schedule. 

More pictures at CrossFit Interbay 1 year anniversary pictures

How CrossFit Are You by Zach Forrest, 12th place 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games

We all know CrossFit isn’t just about going to the gym.  If you are truly “CrossFit” it is because you live it as a lifestyle.  The principles of the WOD apply to your every day life.  Your mentality has been shifted – hopefully for the better.

A true CrossFitter realizes that they haven’t reached full potential.  They know they have more to give than what they have already given.  They know this because they are ALWAYS improving – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Physical challenges are obstacles waiting to be overcome.  There isn’t ANYTHING a true CrossFitter can’t work at to achieve.  A challenge is a only a challenge – it is NOT an impossibility.

Emotional hardships suck, but a CrossFitter can handle it.  Why?  Because they know that pain can’t last forever.  Anger, regret, fear, sadness – these are normal feelings and a true CrossFitter knows that it is THOSE feelings that make you better.  It makes everything else worthwhile.

Mentally, a CrossFitter can handle anything.  Your heart rate is maxed, you have sweat and dirt in your eyes, your hand is bleeding and you are STILL ABLE to keep track of what rep you are on during “Murph.”  A true CrossFitter practices focus.  They practice attention to detail.  They strive for and, eventually, obtain mental fortitude because it is more important than a heavy back squat.  The body will only ever go as far as the mind will let it.

Are you “CrossFit”?

Monday Workout: 

Strength:  Shoulder Press Week 2

WOD:  20 Minute AMRAP

10 KB Swings (55/35)

10 Box Jumps (28/24)

20 Sit Ups

*Free Super Hero CFIB T-shirt to any CFIB'er that does this WOD using 100 pound KB for men and 70 pound for women......and you must get at least 10 Rounds.

Congrats to Geoff who helped get the first Magnolia "Run the Bluff" 5k/12k up and running.  What a great success, over 600 runners.  I look forward to supporting and running in this race each year. 

Maria showing off a great smile after finishing the 12k. 

White Board from Friday, photo bombed by InShane


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