Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 11/14/11

Amazing that we have 4 birthdays the exact same day in our gym.

Coach Valery, Coach Christina, Paul and Mac all had their birthday on Sunday.

How do we do a WOD so everybody wins?  We make a game of it......

No Strength or Skill today.


Buy in - 13 Box Jumps (32/28)



SDHP (75/55)

Push Press (75/55)

After each round of SDHP & Push Press you will run 100m


Cash Out - 13 Box Jumps (32/28)

So far so let's throw in a little twist to this Birthday WOD.  You'll notice there are 26 box jumps and there are 100 reps of sdhp & push press.  That's 126 reps.....which is the exact number of years adding Christina's, Paul's, Valery's and Mac's ages together.

Before you start the WOD, each person will grab a piece of paper and write how old they think the four birthday people are.  Then when you're done with the above WOD, yell "BURPEES" and the coach will yell out how many combined years off you were from the birthday folk' actual ages.  For each year you're off you have to do a burpee, then you can call your "TIME".

This is how it would go, write down each name on the paper and how old you think they are:

Christina 29  Let's just say her real age is 28 

Paul 27         let's just say his real age is 28

Valery 40     let's just say her real age is 40

Mac 30         Let's just say his real age is 30

So you would have gotten Mac and Valery correct but were 1 year off on Christina and Paul, so you'd only have to do 2 burpees.  See, piece of cake.

Work hard and let the fun begin.

Oh and if you think you're going to be clever and look up their birthdates and years on their Facebook, I already talked to each person into changing the year on Facebook or taking it off until after the Monday WOD :-)

Coach Christina

Coach Valery



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