Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 11/15/11

Either you guys love burpees or are really bad at guessing ages :-)

If it's a gorgeous day outside, the grass is green.....what should you do?  handstands of course.  Taryn playing in the sun.

WOD:  2k row


Not For Time:
Choose one of the following movements to practice for the rest of the class session:

  • Overhead Squat – complete 75 reps in at a light to medium weight.  Work slow, controlled, deliberate reps with a pause at the bottom.  I don't care how many in a row you do or the weight. 
  • Snatch – get 50 reps in at a light to medium weight.  Can be squat snatch or power snatch.  Should focus on the starting position and setup, then the bar path during the movement, and then the landing posture.  Hold the landing position for a second or two before recovering.

Here is a public service announcement from Richard :-)

Hi CFIB'ers,

We've got about two and a half weeks left until the Cystic Fibrosis StairClimb! Put your bad-A fundraising skills to use here in the next two weeks to get to your fundraising goals. As a team we've already raised over $1700. That's really impressive!

Also, there's less than 200 spots left for the race, so recruit additional racers and get them to register on our team page (  

Let me know if you have any questions, and see you soon.

Richard T. Moore

George on the Rings back with our old pull up racks.

A couple of things with this video.  1.  why isn't this guy making any bruce lee noises while lifting the weights?  2.  Of course he has a braided pony tail...of course.  3.  Where is his tiger tshirt

Really, 9:15am class? Really???? so many with zero burpees....confess, how did you cheat.

Today's workout