Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 11/22/11

This weeks schedule.  Thursday we will have a 10am class only.  On Friday I've been hearing that a lot of people will be out of town or not training.  I will keep the 6am, 7am and 9:15am classes, however if there is nobody on the schedule for any of those classes on Friday a coach will not show be sure to register.

As for the evening on Friday, we are thinking of going to only 1 or 2 classes.  Please give feedback on who will be in town, want to workout on Friday and if it's limited schedule, what time to have the class.

Choose your WOD Today:

Option 1.

CrossFit Open WOD #3

AMRAP 5 minutes:

Squat Clean & Jerk (165/110)


Or Option 2.

Strength:  Shoulder Press Week 4


Front Squat (135/95)

Mental Toughness

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