Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 11/30/11 Last day of Movember

Yes, it's a sad day.  It's the last day of Movember.  I hope each person that participated comes in today sporting their best vintage look that helps show off their man-stache.  Make sure we get a picture of each of you so we can post it on the blog, let everyone else see how MAN-Tastic you are.

Let's celebrate this great Movember by going through a couple of mustaches that are in the hall of fame.

1.  Tom Selleck:  Hello? Is anyone on the phone? What? There is no cord on my phone? No wonder I can't hear you! Tom Selleck has the finest 80's mustache in existance. Even Don Mattingly was like "S**t dude, that's a nice mustache!" If you drive a Delorean, this mustache's for you.

2.  Freddy Mercury:  The English language just doesn't have words to describe the beauty and majesty of Freddy Mercury's mustache. Just soak it in and enjoy it.

3.  Wooly Willy:  Sure, Wooly Willy isn't real. But what Wooly Willy has is infinite untapped potential. Inside Wooly Willy is the finest mustache you've never seen, just waiting to come out. In these tough times, Wooly Willy's mustache potential brings hope to all of America.  Plus your kids can play with Wooly Willy and dream to have their own mustache like him some day.

4. Super Mario: magnificant Italian bastard! How do you manage to keep your mustache trimmed so clean and neat when you spend all of your time hopping down pipes, popping mushrooms and jumping on monsters? Well, when you figure it out, please let us all know. We'll be waiting for your answer.

5. Burt Reynolds:  Now that's a man

6.  Colonel Sanders:  6 of the 7 herbs and spices are stuck in that thing.

7.  The Pringles Guy:  He Revolutionized the world of potato chip storage by looking at his own shape in the mirror.

8. Albert Einstein:  E = (Mustache) C^2

9. Ned Flanders:  A Fan-Diddly-Tastic Mustach-arooney

10. Answer.  What is Canadian Bad A$$.  Question:  Who is Alex Trebek?

Strength:  Shoulder Press week 1

WOD:  "Burpee Push Press Ladder"




Push Press (115/75)

I can't seem to decide on a Movember Song of the month, so here are a few.  Let me know which one is your favorite.  Also, I'm sorry if I left some of your favorite Mustachio'd men or "Mo-Bro-Sapians" off the Hall of Fame list, but I could only honor so many at a time.

Let's not forget why we are here.  To raise money to find a cure and awareness on Prostate Cancer. Also go get checked out.

Congrats to my wife Erin, this is the first WOD she's ever beaten me at.  I didn't know that and didn't think it was necessary to point out but she was super excited, so I'm excited for her too.  However, I do need to make this the last time it ever ever ever happens again.....winning isn't important, but just saying :-)

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