Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 11/4/11

Time Trial Day!!!!!!!

No Skill or Strength. 

WOD:  Must perform any 2 of the 4 exercises within the hour.  Take as much rest as you'd like in between tasks in order to completely max out.

1.  One Mile Run

2.  500 Double Unders

3.  Row 500m

4.  50 Burpees

Push as hard and fast as you can.  Don't just go fast, really push yourself and see what your body can do.

Grrrrrr Swinging the 100 pound KB

Some Team Push Ups

Some of you have noticed we have a good amount of boys in our gym.....sorry I meant to say MEN in our gym, are doing Movember.  I don't want any of the women to feel left out.  There is a womans movement for Movember too, it's not until November 18th but start planning now and help where you can.

FYI, this video is for mature audiences only, if you're under 18 please don't watch.  If you're over 18 but have the maturity of a 13 year old, feel free to watch it and giggle all you want at the naughty words they use.

 A couple of big congrats go to Kerri and James for getting their first red times.  Also, Rebekah who got her first Rx not long ago was holding the red time for a couple of classes.  Kick A$$.

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