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Tuesday 12/13/11 Remember this Saturday Toys for Tots WODfest at O.G.E.R. CrossFit 11am

Congratulations to everyone that competed at the CF Gorilla Games this past weekend.  It was the first competition for almost all of you and you kicked butt.  We took 5th overall in the team event(Seth, David K., Valery and Erin), the difference between 1st and 5th place was 3 points, so it was a close grouping at the top, literally a couple of reps was the difference.  Beth kicked butt again, going out there having fun and destroyed the rope climb, box jump and run WOD.  Matt took 18th overall and this was his first competition, great finish amongst some of the top competitors in the Washington and Oregon area compete.  Great first outing with a lot more good things to come.


Run 800m




SDHP (75/55)


Run 800m

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