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Thursday 12/15/11 Only a couple of more days until our Toys for Tots WODfest at O.G.E.R. CrossFit

Only a couple of more days until our Toys for Tots WODfest at O.G.E.R. CrossFit.  Bring an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots.

Don't put it off any longer, email me your facts.  January is coming up and we will be doing a month long "Get to know your gym game"  Each day we'll post a couple of facts about a few members of our gym.  You'll have to guess in comments who you think they are and I'll give you the answers the following day with a few more new people to guess.  So hurry and email me your facts

Hmmmmmm Is Melinda doing a burpee or is she super duper excited with her husband Seths Clean.

Wall Balls don't count unless all of you hit the line at the exact same time......ok that's one.

Strength:  Find your 1rm Box Jump for height


5 Rounds

5 Box Jumps (80% your 1rm)

15 V-Ups

Ok so Joey has been sending me texts a couple of times a week about things he's done to earn his man card back.  Remember, he shaved his mustache off 3 days before the end of Movember.

I told him I'd put it to a gym vote, so yay or nay?  If nay what can he seriously do to earn it back.

His most recent picture text was he Pr'd his Bench Press and repped 300 pounds.  Definitely solid, but is it worthy of earning his man card back?

Should I add that I know he watched "Something Borrowed" last weekend which starred Kate Hudson and he loved it loved it loved it.  He may have even cried during it.

Here is Joey before shaving his mustache......MANLY!!!

No no, I can't.....I'm too busy.

A little long but very interesting

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