Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 12/30/11

We will have regularly scheduled classes on Saturday.  Monday will be a modified schedule with classes at 10am and 5pm.

Derek has some ups.  Here he is making a 56 inch box jump.

Here are Derek and Tim knocking out the WOD:  80% their 1rm box jump and V-ups

Skill:  Muscle Ups

WOD:  LCQ #1

3 Rounds

10 Deadlift (275/185)

50 Double Unders

This LCQ #1 WOD was one of the last chance qualifier wods people could complete and submit online to try and get into the 2009 CrossFit Games.  Have fun and hit it hard. 

So it's Sunday, January 1st and you're hungover and don't want to do anything other than veg out on the couch.  What should you watch????

CrossFit Games Marathon on ESPN2

The 2011 CrossFit Games will run from 1pm to 7pm ET on ESPN2 this New Year's Day, 2012.

Stay positive!

A message to my children.


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