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Wednesday 12/7/11

I got some bits of the following from then had to make edits & additions to make it suit CFIB better :-)

Perils of Talking to Non-CrossFitters

Face it. We’re like this, but in tackier clothing.

CrossFitters love talking about CrossFit. All the time. Arguably probably as much as they enjoy doing CrossFit. Problem is, not everyone CrossFits, so you got all these non-CrossFitt’in  people ruining your perfectly good endorphin buzz.

The result? Disaster. Every time.

Loosely Based on a Somewhat True Story

Co-worker on a Friday Afternoon
Next Cube Over: Dude, let’s hit happy hour and get sh*t-faced.
Cf’er: Eh, I got something to do after work. Meet up later?
Next Cube Over: Bullsh*t. You already said you didn’t have any plans for the weekend. You’re going to CrossFit before you go out, aren’t you?
Cf’er: Well, yeah…
Next Cube Over: Dork.

That went well.

Waitress at the Bar
Carla Tortelli: You guys on a softball team? We sponsor people for leagues.
Cf’er: No, we just came from CrossFit.
Carla Tortelli: What is that? Never heard of it.
Cf’er: Well, we just work out together.
Carla Tortelli: Ha, you’re funny. But seriously, what do you guys do?

I decided to pass on it's just AWESOME And explaining about CrossFit community, functional training, high intensity, scores, broad time and modal domain.

Talking to a guy that knows I manage a gym(this is 100% true)
Curls get the Girls: Hey, you manage a gym. What is the best equipment to get a good burn and work bicep curls really hard for home use.
Cf’er: Uhhhh I don’t know, I manage a CrossFit gym, we don’t do bicep curls…
Curls get the Girls: Bull Sh*t, your arms are huge.   
Cf’er: uhhhhh (awkward feeling, but I did flex my arms more as I continued this conversation) Seriously, I do pull-ups, Olympic lifts, strength with barbells, gymnastics, etc….

Curls get the Girls: I have a couple of 20’s in my house, I’ll just high rep those and get a burn.

Talking to Mom while visiting New York
Mom: Hey, what are you up to?
Cf’er: Not much, just got home from a CrossFit gym…
Mom: You’re visiting family and you’re still working out! That doesn’t sound like a vacation. Are you getting  ready for sport back home?
Cf’er: Well, I really don’t play sports anymore since I started CrossFit. But they have their own competitions, so I guess that’s something…
Mom: Oh really? Can you go again so I can come watch you!


Drinking Buddy at the Bar
Drank’in Bro: Dude this drank’in thing is awesome but I’m getting fat as Hell. I gotta lose a few pounds.
Cf’er: Want to try out CrossFit?
Drank’in Bro: Is that like working out?
Cf’er: Yeah, just come in you don't need to be in shape, they scale to fit each persons level and will get you in shape faster.
Drank’in Bro: I’ve been wanting to but my handelbowp*ssywristkneea$$nutsback is sore from doing a push up last week, so I’m going to wait until that soreness goes away then I’ll get into shape so I can come in hard because you know me I don’t like to do anything half way so even if I don't need to be in shape to come in, I want to come in shape or I won’t do it at all.

Could have gone worse.

Lesson learned: if you do CrossFit, know your audience.

“Sadly if I’m not talking CrossFit, I have nothing else to talk about anymore… *sob*…..but why would I want to talk about anything else :-)”

Strength:  Shoulder Press Week 2


10 Minute AMRAP

5 Front Squats (155/105)

10 Push Ups

15 Box Step Ups (20 inches)

So much nuttiness I have to post one picture of normal people in our gym.......sorry sorry sorry, I meant to say I'll post one picture of nutty people looking normal.


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