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Wednesday 3/2/11

A lot to read today but start with top rx male and female times:

Men:  1.  Seth 16:31   2.  David K.  19: 24  3.  Scott 19: 34......crap I didn't make top three, awesome guys.  Great job.

Women:  1.  Evanator 21:38  2.  Kendal 23:00  3.  Valery 26:10

Now let's talk about diet and nutrition for a quickie:

Nutrition is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle.  You can workout all you want but if you don't have the right fuel, you will only go so far.  Your nutrition doesn't just determine your weight, it determines certain diseases you may end up with, such as cardiac issues and diabetes, etc.  It is also a determining factor in whether catch a cold and for how long.  It determines whether you will be able to lift more weight or run faster, and how active and functional you will be in your later years.  At CFIB, we push the idea of eating whole unprocessed foods.  We don't give you all the crap about fats being bad.  We tell you there are good fats and you NEED to eat them.  If you really want to ignite your life and your workouts, you need to really watch what food you are eating.  It will change your whole world!!!!

Going on a “diet” is not sustainable and that is why so many people fail or cheat or switch from this diet to that diet.  The only absolute sure way to lose weight, to increase your strength, to fend of disease and sickness is to change your diet . . . for life

Our diet primarily consists of meat, veggies, nuts, fruits, and eggs.  Anything outside of that is a treat and yes, we treat ourselves.  Everyone has to and if you don’t, you are setting yourself up for failure.  It does take some discipline at first and a little work if you have a busy lifestyle.  Eventually however, you no longer want the “junk” you were eating before. . . it just doesn’t taste good.  And the “treat” you simply can’t live without tastes so much better. 

We thought we ate healthy enough but we were still eating our fair amount of processed foods.  After over a year of taking our diet to that next level, we have a better relationship with our food.  Plus, if we decide we are going to eat two Dairy Queen Blizzards, a bag of Swedish fish and drink 10 beers, we don't feel guilty . . . (Really Ron is the only one who does that)....yes we feel sick, but we no longer feel guilty for eating things that are not part of our daily diet because we keep it to once in awhile. 

At first, it is easier said than done, but if you can make that lifestyle change with your diet, you will feel better, stronger, and healthier. 

Here are two links discussing two commonly practiced diets with CrossFit.  Again if you want to make huge gains with your health, strength, endurance and weight, you need to monitor your food.  You can’t workout 1 hour a day and ruin it by spending the next 23 hours putting crap into your body.  Find that balance.

Zone diet explained:

Paleo diet explained:

Back to the workout :)

Strength:  Push Ups




SDHP (75/45)

Run 400 after each set

Now to demonstrate Epit diets here are the guys from Epic Meal Time.


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