Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 3/16/11

CrossFit Interbay is a registered affiliate with the CrossFit Games and we have opted in to be able to host and validate scores for competitors.  So if you're a CFIB member or a CrossFit Athlete that needs your workout judged, timed, scored and validated online, we can do it.  Work hard and have fun this week.

I will point out one top Rx time yesterday and the top time was no it wasn't him, it was someone Awesome, yep that's right it was me.......wait wait wait, it wasn't me either.  Top Rx time yesterday was Kendal, bad A$$.  She beat the nearest guy by 30 seconds.  That was a hard heavy WOD, Awesome job!


Strength:  Back Squat

WOD:  5 Rounds

5 Deadlift

5 Push Jerk

if someone in the 915 class did this WOD yesterday then do todays WOD the rest of the classes are doing.

All other classes:

Strength:  Shoulder Press

Three 500m Rows.........or is that 500 3m rows? Marcos? Jonathan? Richard? Dan? can you clear that up for me please :)

I like this picture, a sea of weights from a busy WOD.

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