Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 3/21/11

For those that don't know, the CrossFit Open extended the first wod and validating scores by one week.  So if you wanted to be registered and participate you still have time.  This also gives everyone another week to do the WOD again if they like.  Yee Hawwww!!!  For more details follow this link.

Strength:  Back Squat

WOD:  Row 1,000m


3 Rounds

20 Push Press (95/65)

15 Burpees

This isn't CrossFit related but felt we are a close enough community that I can share when I think something funny completely backfires.  So just over a week ago I posted the Rebecca Black video "Friday", when I posted the video it had 10,000 views and as I write this it's over 27 million views in just over a week.  I posted it as a joke as one of the worst/most painful songs in history, so bad it makes you laugh.  Wellllllllll I forgot who that music is targeted for and that song has been played on constant loop in my house.  Then when it's not being played non stop my kids are singing and dancing to it.  Seriously, I love my kids but they made my ears bleed with rebecca black all weekend.  It's friday friday friday friday fun fun fun fun fun yeah, I'm looking forward to the weekend.  How can I un-do ever posting or listening to that song.


Kids love Friday Friday Friday because it's fun fun fun yeah! from CrossFit Interbay on Vimeo.

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