Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 4/19/11

Happy Birthday Shane.  Turns 35 today.  Soooooo 35 burpees :)

Strength:  Shoulder Press


20 Minute Time Cap/AMRAP :-)

Time will start and you will do "Annie"  50-40-30-20-10 of Double Unders & Sit-Ups

After you complete Annie, with the remaining time of the 20 minutes complete As Many Rounds As Possible of:

10 Push Ups

10 Deadlift (135/95)

20 Lunges

Your final score is your total rounds & reps completed after you finish Annie.

If you have a day off stop in during the week and see our 9:15 ladies kick butt.  Their strength and work capacity is shooting up and up.  Here is Tracey and Nicole killing the WOD.

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