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Wednesday 4/27/11

Here is a sweet link created by one of our members, Brad H., Ohhh and FYI Brad is on the hit list as one of the possible culprits that gamed the site with those goofy referers.   It's funny how people started here to "just get fit" then somewhere this is a change and CrossFit is moving in on their vacation time, work time and every other fun minute of their life :P Stop in to his blog, say hi and give him ideas of goofy stuff he should do while away.

Strength:  Open Strength time to make up what you've missed or work on a skill


Run 400m

5 Deadlifts (225/155)

Run 400m

10 Deadlifts

Run 400m

15 Deadlifts

Run 400m

20 Deadlifts

Run 400m

Uh Oh, Charles Barkley commits to doing CrossFit on TNT

Not only is he doing CrossFit, he's taking it serious. Here is Charles Barkley doing the CrossFit Open WOD 11.5. It's scaled but definitely great to see more athletes are moving to CrossFit to improve themselves in their sport and take care of their fitness once they've retired.


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