Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 5/19/11

Strength & Make Up Day.

Make up a WOD you missed this week or do 2 strengths (1 from your 5/3/1 cycle and find your 1rm Squat Snatch)

CFIB always loves having visiting CrossFitters.  We've had Paul Z(trains out of CrossFit Lynwood) visit our gym a few times but yesterday he brought along Rory Zambard(trains out of CrossFit Eastlake).  They are preparing for CrossFit Regionals, Rory placed 4th in the Northwest Region and 59th in the world and Paul placed 31st in the Region.  They have their training game face on and are working hard for the next step.  Their day yesterday consisted of running up Dravus as hard as they could then they came to our gym to work their deadlift then did a quick metcon:  7-5-3 of weighted Muscle Ups then after each round of muscle ups do 15 burpees and 30 double unders.  they killed it and will kill regionals.  Come back as often as you like guys.

Yesterday was a good day, not only did we have great visitors we had a ton of Pr's.  As awesome as everyone did it's great to point out our two people with the most improvement.  Bradd AKA "Double D" improved the most from the last time he did "Jackie", he improved by 6 minutes 46 seconds, that's crazy.  Also Big ups to Kerri, everyone knows how hard she works, the extra work she's putting in, her grunts, screams and yells that gets her through the workouts.......she improved by 6 minutes and 20 seconds, Rx, and last time she did the Jackie she did ring rows instead of regular pull ups too.  Amazing improvements and lots of people getting sub 10 minutes.  Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!  Oh before I forget wish Kerri good luck, she has her physical fitness test with the fire department on Saturday, we know she'll kill it.

Ok Ok Ok Ok this day post is getting long but there was a lot of good stuff that happened yesterday and there is one more thing to talk about because this is CrossFit Interbay.

It's time to see if CrossFit has made you tougher.  Time for your "Man Test"  and this is a man test that men and women must pass.

You fail the man test if you watch the following video and do one of the following:

- cry or any moisture comes out of your eyes

- You pause or stop the video at any time so you can regain your composure

- look away during the video and think of something else, to keep yourself from getting happy upset

- If you try and think of something else during the video in order to not get upset, you fail

- If you watch the video but have to open your eyes really wide, hoping the air dries out your eyes so no tears come out, you fail

- If you watch the video and go "awwww" at any time, you fail.

Ok time for your "Man Test"

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