Workout of the Day (WOD)

Saturday 5/21/11

Classes at 9am & 10am Changing it up.  going to announce the Saturday classes the night before.

9am class will do the WOD from Tuesday.

10am class:

WOD: Partners of 2

Partner A establishes a 1 rep clean and jerk max in the time it takes Partner B to run a mile. Switch roles. The score is total time in running minus the total weight lifted! So run fast and lift heavy!  1 pound = 1 second off your total time.


See, I told you.  Yesterdays wasn't that bad.  Now that you're sitting at home, having a drink, watching some t.v. you feel good, relaxed and happy you did it and look back thinking to yourself "you know that really wasn't that bad"

Let's see if Brad approves of this picture :)  In case you don't know, Brad who writes a blog:  is also the person that gamed the CFIB website so all my referer stats went bizarro......they were bizarro for CFIB standards.  I told you Erin would break, she always breaks and tells me any secrets.  So what's the tip here.  Don't drink, google then brag to Erin :-)

Matt and Valery.  Couples that ring dip together......


One more picture.  This is a sweet shot of Ryan during yesterday's WOD.

One last thing.  Now I'm not the type of person to be mysterious.  Also, a huge pet peeve of mine is when someone watches something and then over hypes it as the greatest thing ever made, so I try not to be that person.......However, on the Monday post, move over Rebecca Black, I'm going to post the next coolest video ever made EVER!!!!!.....did I say greatest EVER?  I MEANT GREATEST EVER!!!!!

But I don't want to be mysterious or over hype it.  Everyone will see on Monday.  Have a good weekend

Oh yeah, good luck and I hope to see you on Monday :-)



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