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Thursday 5/5/11

The name of todays workout is


PushPress (5,000 pounds for men/3500 pounds for women)  FBs (7,500/4500)
100 Double Unders  FBs 150 double unders
Complete all the reps however you want at whatever weight you want.  Do the reps straight through or break them up into any type of set you want (ex.  for Rx men 10 rounds of 5 push press at 100 pounds and 10 double unders).........However :) everytime you set down the bar, trip up on double unders or transition from one exercise to the next you have to stop and do 5 pushups (firebreathers 10 pushups)
So if you're doing Rx and you do 100 Pushpress unbroken at 50 pounds you'd have to do 5 pushups to go onto the double unders and if you did all 100 double unders straight, you'd get through this with almost no pushups.
Again "Strategery"
I respect Arnold Schwarzenegger for how active he's been in fitness his whole life.  He even had a CrossFit Competition at the Arnold Classic this year, gotta love that.  However, I make this promise to you.  If Arnold ever comes into our gym, I promise to not have him spot you.....especially like he does in this video at 1:40 in.  I want to say this video is NSFW but the truth is there is nothing inappropriate about it, it's all fitness but when you combine sweet lovin music and sweaty chests, I feel like I should watch this with a glass of wine, get get closer to Erin and get ready for some bow chicka wow wow.

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