Workout of the Day (WOD)

Fran Friday!!! 6/3/11

I almost said to myself, "I won't schedule Fran on Friday, instead I'll program a game of Frolf"(which is super fun, seriously)  Then I thought, I can't do that.  I promised Fran and everyone at the gym would be sad if I didn't program it.  I wouldn't want you to be sad :-(

So here we go.  Each class will be done in two waves where one group will count for the other then switch.  Let's have some fun knocking out a Benchmark CrossFit WOD.



Thrusters (95/65)


Congrats to Adam, not only did he earn his first Red Time for the gym but he did it after spending a long weekend wreaking havoc on a bachelor party in Vegas.  That's Talent :)

Sweet video of Miranda Oldroyd doing Fran.  Warning, at the end of the video it might get a little gross, so with 30 seconds left.  Watch with caution.  The video will actually give you a warning, so you can stop it in time.  However, this doesn't happen to everyone that does Fran :)  Have fun


Here is a sweet video of Jason Kaplan doing Fran in 1:53.  Which is a ridiculous time.  However if you notice the guy keeping time at the right of the screen is standing in the Captain Morgan pose the entire time.  If you think me keeping that pose during every class, I'll do it to help each of you.


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