Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 7/1/11

What are you doing Friday night?  Well CFIB's own David K, AkA DJ David Holland.  He will be DJ'ing at Trago, a new club in South Lake Union.  David also got a VIP table for anyone that shows up and says they are with "CFIB" or "CrossFit Interbay".  Ricky says it's going to be "Rad".

Strength:  Shoulder Press


5 Rounds

5 Bear Complex (95/65)

10 Pull-Ups

Erin and I were wondering what could we do to get our coaches excited for having a coaches meeting on a Friday night.  Answer:  Let's schedule a Coaches WOD.

We also think this can be used as a tool to recuit more awesome people to become coaches.

Here was our WOD:

Sorry there were no pictures of Coach Seth for this WOD.  He was too fast.  We combined the two things he's just too good at, CrossFit and Drinking Beer.


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