Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 6/9/11

Please don't mind the gym as we finish up some minor construction to open the space up more.  I know it's a shock to your system when you first walk in because we're used to the cozy gym but this will give us more space while still keeping us a close gym where group hugs are easily accessible.  Come on pull it in......internet group hug, Ahhhhhhhhh

Thursday and Friday we'll be doing 2011 CrossFit Regional WODs.

Individual WOD 3. 

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlift Rx (225/155)  Games Weight (315/205lbs)
Box jump Rx (24/20)  Games Height (30”/24”) 

Of course we'll  be scaling to each individuals 100% so just because this WOD looks heavy and hard doesn't mean you should take a sudden "rest day".  Get in here and knock it out.

Also, there are a few new faces running around the gym.  Remember how you felt when you started CrossFit, make sure to stop them, say hi and tell them why you think unicorns are awesome.....ok fine just say hi and introduce yourself, Beth will give them the low down on unicorns :-)

So what new activities have you started since starting CrossFit?  We CrossFit to be healthy & fit and to have the energy, strength and confidence to take on new adventures.  Look at Marcos flipping on the trapeze.  Sweet!!!! I need to do this one day.  When you're trying something new, please share, take a photo and let us know.  Work hard and have fun.


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