Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 6/10/11

Update on Saturday class schedule. . . Valery is staying in town due to her graduation and is able to coach a 10am class.  So a group of us will be in Puyallup for the NW CrossFit Regionals while those that can't make it, come out for the Saturday 10am class with Coach Valery.

It's Friday, so what are you doing tonight? If you are going out and about on the town David K, aka DJ Holland, is DJ'ing at See Sound.

Alright, let's do another NW Regionals WOD :-)  For the thousand meter run, you will run to the 800m mark then turn right around to the 200m

WOD:  For time
Run 1K
Row 1K

It's summertime so people are on vacations and playing.  Here is Richard working his pull ups while in Hawaii.

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