Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 7/14/11

WOD:  Teams of 3.  If we don't have a class that is a multiple of three, then some of you have to use one of your multiple personalities to do the work. 

15 Wall Walks

90 Front Squats (135/95)

150 Push Press (95/65)

225 Sit-Ups

3000m Row

We've had some really impressive stuff happening in the gym including a ton of Pr's, but here are a few very cool things worth pointing out.  All four of these are Super Bad A$$...if you agree, post in comments, because when people work hard, it feels good to be recognized.  Also, if anyone else has a personal record or accomplishment they want to point out or share, post it to comments too.  It doesn't have to be a P.R.; it could be a fast time, a new skill, or just all around feeling good.  Either way share it because everyone should be proud of their achievements and we at CrossFit Interbay want to know about them too. 

***It's important to note to all the new CrossFitters.. . Each one of these people below thought the following when they first started CrossFit. . ."Holy crap this is hard" and each of them stuck with it and are turning into he-beasts and she-beasts. 

A.  Dan broke 3 toes this weekend in a motorcross accident and still came in Tuesday to do the Deadlift V-Up WOD.  Dan went up 50 pounds from the last time he did this WOD and shaved off over 30 seconds.  Seriously how sick is that.

B.  Hilary demonstrating what a picture perfect V-Up looks like but she likes to do things like Ricky Bobby.....GO FAST!!!

C.  David K.  Backsquatting 370 pounds 3 times.  LIGHT WEIGHT!!!!

D.  Ron modeling his tiger look in the new Super Studly CrossFit Bellevue & CrossFit Interbay "Warrior" Bandana.  This is his Grrrrrrrrr face.

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