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Tuesday 7/19/11

I wanted to start out todays post with a good post done by CrossFit Lisbeth:

5 Ways to have more fun at CrossFit:

1.) Get over it. Whatever it is under your skin, you’re probably overreacting to it. Breathe and move on.

2.) Stop watching the clock. Lose yourself in the movement, not the seconds. Figure out how to do the movement better and more efficiently and your time will come down. Watching the numbers as they tick won’t solve sh**.

3.) Get to know the goofy people in your gym. Seriously. Some of the best folks come in the oddest packages. If you’re brave at the barbell, be brave in your friendships. You’ll be rocked by how much fun can be had outside “the cool kids.”

4.) When you go to a new movement in the WOD, always do at least 3 reps before you rest. For example: switch from kettlebell swings to pull-ups and get a few pull-ups before you rest or take a few extra breaths. Will this make your workout more fun? NO! But it will get it over faster and returning oxygen to your lungs is fun, so . . .

5.) Laugh more. It sounds stupid, but the more you laugh, the more you will laugh. We are (mostly) a bunch of over-achievers, gunning for glory all the time. Keep that up 24/7 and life will eat at your soul. So, sometimes, in the gym, laugh or smile at the most inopportune times. Your whole energy will change. The workout will still suck, but you’ll be a whole lot happier about the suckiness . . .

And now back to our regular programming :-)

FYI, we will see this WOD again in a few months.

WOD:  "Can't Wait"

Row 500m

Run 400m

15 Burpees

20 KB Swings (55/35)

25 Push Press (95/65)

Row 500m

Run 400m

15 Burpees

20 KB Swings

25 Push Press

Row 500m

Run 400m

Here are some more great pictures from the Warrior Dash taken by Richard Moore.

I find this caption Richard gave funny but very innacurate.

"Ron Onyon's super-power is the ability to pose for the camera, no mater what's going on."

I'm pretty sure this picture was taken before the race started.  They just love getting muddy.

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