Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 7/7/11

Remember this Friday is our 4+4th of July BBQ, come ready to work hard, eat, drink and be merry.

Also, This Sunday July 10th is Emily's last game of the season with Grave Danger and the Ratt City Roller Girls.  Get out there and watch her kick some butt again.

Strength:  Back Squat



OH Squat (95/65) FB (115/75)

Pull-Ups .....FB (Chest to Bar Pull-Ups)

Sandra's got the glow. "Everybody knows that you need the glow, You need the glow, the glow to grow......That you've got the glow, and they're beware, Cos the power's there when you got the glow.  Shine on Shine on"

Ok my own personal nerd alert, first person to post in the comments section what movie the above song lyrics are from will get a free Warrior Dash Bandana.

I have no idea why this hasn't taken off bigger than Zumba.  I do this everyday and I can get my shoulders in it....1:44 in you'll know what i'm talking about.  I wish they had a "where are they now" with everyone in this video.  FYI this is going to be your warm up on Friday for our BBQ.

PBMF AKA Seth's time is tough to read because of the glare but it's the top red time of 12:57.  Everyone kicked butt today.

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