Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 7/8/11 Happy 4+4th of July

Bring your Firecrackers, your family and friends.  For newer members to the gym, this is a great time to come in have some fun, work hard and meet your fellow nutball CrossFitters.

It's Friday and time for us to celebrate 4+4th of July CrossFit Interbay style.  I'll attach the flier that Melinda did for us.

We will have our regular classes for 6am, 9:15am and 430pm but once 530pm starts we will keep running the WOD in heats.  So make it in when you can.  Beer and BBQ will be running all night.  Remember, there will be special certificates you can use in the gym for those that come in red, white and blue or something "America" themed.

Hint for the WOD:  If an exercise was done in the WOD on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, it will not be in the Friday WOD.  There are 3 exercises in the WOD in the 12 minute AMRAP.  That should narrow it down for you :-)

Since I'm so excited about Friday, here is a video that gets me pumped.  Robert reminded me of how awesome it is.

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