Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 8/12/11

 First, Thank you Melinda for getting it started with the handstands for the ladies.  Nice shot of Melinda at work.  Everyone, I need more submissions so go have fun this weekend and take some pictures :-)

Strength:  Shoulder Press

Repeat from 4/11/11


Deadlift (225/155)
Ring Dips

Some people showed their frustration with Double Unders Yesterday.  I should have had the video camera running all day but I got a couple of key shots.

Here is brad moving into slow motion internally yelling at the jump rope.

Here goes Blake showing a little kickstep. Loving the double unders


Ok here is Brad finding his rhythm with the double unders. Now make him a little more effecient and he'll be knocking them out in sets of 100's. I will add brad was still jumping that high on his du's and this is round 6.

Ricky "McWODsley" was having trouble with Double Unders too but he has a little secret stash for when he needs a little kick to his workout.



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