Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 8/29/11

Thanks for everyone that came out to the CFBV & CFIB WODfest, I hope everyone had a great time.  For those that missed it, I'm sure we'll do more joint fun in the future.

Joey, InShane, Chris and myself decided to class it up with Chris doing a sweet handstand.

Our shirts started with sleeves but we flexed for the picture and they just blew off.....true story.

Strength:  Shoulder Press

WOD:  Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes:
200m run
-max rep SDHP(75/55) – minutes 0, 6, and 12
-max rep 20″ box jump – minutes 3, 9, 15

*Score is total of all SDHP & Box Jumps


I have been asked if I missed fighting and training but the truth is no.  I really couldn't handle all the training.  We used to do the following training on a daily basis without cups.  Kiyaaaaaaaaap!!!!

The Seize Testicles - Watch more Funny Videos

I knew there was a good use for a treadmill.

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