Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 9/23/11

This is not the way you're supposed to look mid burpee.

I like the smiles even with them about to start round 3. 

 I'm not sure how many of these videos I'll be posting.  1.  I'm already sick of hearing myself say "right to it".  2.  You can't hear the music playing and 3. I'm too lazy to put a soundtrack in every video I record :-)  

Skill:  Snatch

WOD:  20 Minute AMRAP

Run 400m

Max Muscle Ups without coming off the rings(If you don't have Muscle Ups then do the Ring Dips)

Max Ring Dips

Max V-Ups

*After you run the 400m come in and do max muscle ups, if you have 3 or more MU then don't do ring dips.  I want those that can link 3 or more to do Muscle ups and V-Ups.  If you have 1 muscle up, do that when you come back from the 400 then move onto max ring dips then max V-Ups.  If you don't have any MU then Run 400m then do Max Ring Dips then Max V-Ups. 

1 Muscle Up = Points

1 Ring Dip = 2 Points

1 V-Up = 1 Point

At the end of 20 minutes add up all your points for your total score.  If you can do all the math in your head immediately after the WOD, then you didn't work hard enough....go do a lap.

Great story with my close friend Dan and CrossFit Bellevue.  If you know Dan, they've done lots of videos of him with SealFit, but normally he's blurred out of the video.  This is the first video I've ever seen of Dan where his face wasn't blocked and he won't state it publicly how come, but i know the real reason why.  The reason is, Dan has always been afraid of the extra 10 pounds that the camera adds to you.  So dan ran out got some slimming colors to wear in the video.  Good choices Dan, you have a sexy hour glass figure.

This is a great story on Dan, CrossFit Bellevue and one of his clients before he left Seattle for Tennessee.

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