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Special Weekend & Monday Update

I forgot to add that Saturday and Monday will be InShanes last two days with us.  He is moving to Oregon with his wife and two kids.  Shane joined the CrossFit Interbay Family within the first couple weeks of us being open and he's been our biggest cheerleader.  He introduces himself to everyone he see's whether it's their first regular class or he's leaving and see's new people coming to their first fundamentals.  It's always tough when we lose people and they move on but I know InShane has got close with a bunch of people.  So make sure you come in one of his last two days to say good bye.  He plans on coming in Saturday and Monday(which will be CrossFit Total Day)

I think a special ceremony is needed.  We are going to retire men capris in honor of Inshane.

Also, David Y. is moving to Texas.  Can someone hunt him down and tell him he needs to workout one more time before he leaves, I know he moves this week but he better stop in or someone is going to get physical:-)

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