Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 9/28/11

Wednesday Wednesday gotta get down on Wednesday......Hmmmm I can see why Rebecca Black didn't sing a song about Wednesday.

Robert Get Some!!!!!

Nate and Brian doing synchronized blackjack  


WOD:  We are going to do a mainsite WOD.

20 Minute AMRAP

50 Double Unders

Run 400m

Cute article, are you living an active or passive life

The moment

Vipin making 405 deadlift look easy

This is the last 5 minutes of Blackjack and they all look strong

I want to make fun of this guy running in the gym but those that know my youngest son Liam, know this will be him.  So as a good daddy I can't make fun of this guy because I can't make fun of Liam when he does the exact same thing.


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