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1/2/12 The start of a great new year

There will only be a 10am and 5pm class today.  Team WODs will be announced in class.

Coach Christina will be at the 10am class today.  This will be her last class because she's moving to Las Vegas.  She's been picked up by the Nevada Ballet company and a show at x-caliber to dance.  So if you have a chance come in and wish her well as she moves on to the next great adventure in her life.

Today we start the get to know your CFIB members game.  You can still email me submissions and I'll post them this month.  The rules are, talk to each other, do your internet ninja skills to find the answers and share with each other to figure out who the facts belong to.  You get one guess per fact and post it in the comments section of the webpage.  The following day you'll learn who belongs to which facts and new facts will be posted each day.  At the end of the month whoever has the most correct facts will get to help create a WOD.  Last year was Tyler and his WOD:  "Tylers Headless Snowman".  What will it be this year.

CFIB Member Facts:

1.  I have done a handful of commercials, did modeling on runways and catalogs for brands Adidas and Obermeyer Ski Clothing.
2.  I enjoy traveling, I've visited 10 different countries.  I've partied on New Years Eve in Las Vegas, Italy and Mexico, I need a New Years Adventure for next year.  I once gained over 10 pounds from over eating and drinking on a 7 day cruise....totally worth it.  Like many people, I have had a bad tequila experience and just the smell of it makes me dry heave. 

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