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Friday 1/13/12

Don't forget to register for the Febrary 4th Bellevue & Interbay Throwdown.  Prizes to Top Team. Also, prizes to top 3 men & women finishers in the Firebreather division.  FB Entry is $50, Intermediate is $30 and SealFit Team of 4 is $120.  T-shirts given out to all competitors, judges and volunteers.  If you want to judge or volunteer please email me as soon as possible with your tshirt size.

This floor is sooooo comfy sometimes

Strength: Deadlift Week 2


4 Rounds for time

200 m Run

15 KB Swings (55/35)

12 Thrusters (75/45)

Thursday Fun Facts: "Thug Life Edition"

1. I come from a family of 10 (i have 6 sisters) I was kicked out of a private school (all girls school).  The 1995 Mariner Season was magic for me too - I did the wild thing on Lou Pinellas desk in the locker room of the Kingdome (no it was not with Lou). Ans. Sandra V. (Now when she did the wild thing it was with her now former husband)

2. I was arrested and spent the night in Boston jail for graffiti. I met Hulk Hogen at Club Super Sex in Montreal where my buddy arm wrestled him. I was a dub DJ in Boston. I Played a live broadcast set using Turntables, samplers and other strange audio equipment from MIT at an experimental music festival. I competed in 1/2 pipe events for snowboarding in the 90's. Ans. Dan P.

3. In high school I got out of getting arrested by showing a cop my report card.  Straight A’s…YEA!! Ans. Valery

4. When I was 18, I went on a European tour with a friend. The second night of our trip was in Amsterdam where my buddy and I ditched the tour group to hit the Red Light District and plenty of bars on the way. Long story short, ended up passing out at a bus stop after searching for our hotel for hours. Next morning realized I lost my passport, we ended up getting kicked off the tour, and had to make our way through the rest of the trip on our own. Ans. Tim

Friday Fun Facts:

1. I teach preschool at Our Lady of Fatima.

2. I rode my bike from Seattle to Utah (via Canada) with five friends the summer after 10th grade. I crossed the Atlantic on what was at the time the largest privately owned yacht in the world. Once threw out the first pitch at a Mariners game. Put $100 into an online poker account, ran that down to $14 and change then built it back up to over $1300 before the government shut things down for US players. 

3. In 1998 as a high school senior, I served as Lt. Governor for the 51st WA state Youth Legislature.  I presided over a 200 member senatorial body in the official Senate chambers as well as delivered an address that was broadcast on TVW, NPR, and King 5. Shortly thereafter, I retired from politics  permanently, forgoing a senatorial internship with Patty Murray's office and opportunities to work for Lt. Governor Brad Owen's team in Olympia.  Instead, i went out on the road with a heavy metal band called Himsa for two years in a 1999.

4. I've broken my nose 3 times.  I was in 2 episodes of a Chineses Soap Opera in the 90's. I was sponsored by Miller Genuine Draft Beer and featured in their Commercials.

5. One Halloween I told a midget he had an awesome costume. 

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