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Saturday 1/14/12

See you at the 9am and 10am classes, WODs will be announced in class.

Reebok makes huge push into CrossFit

The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived

Friday Fun Facts:

1. I teach preschool at Our Lady of Fatima. Ans. Alice

2. I rode my bike from Seattle to Utah (via Canada) with five friends the summer after 10th grade. I crossed the Atlantic on what was at the time the largest privately owned yacht in the world. Once threw out the first pitch at a Mariners game. Put $100 into an online poker account, ran that down to $14 and change then built it back up to over $1300 before the government shut things down for US players.  Ans. Martin

3. In 1998 as a high school senior, I served as Lt. Governor for the 51st WA state Youth Legislature.  I presided over a 200 member senatorial body in the official Senate chambers as well as delivered an address that was broadcast on TVW, NPR, and King 5. Shortly thereafter, I retired from politics  permanently, forgoing a senatorial internship with Patty Murray's office and opportunities to work for Lt. Governor Brad Owen's team in Olympia.  Instead, i went out on the road with a heavy metal band called Himsa for two years in a 1999. Ans. Brian T

4. I've broken my nose 3 times.  I was in 2 episodes of a Chineses Soap Opera in the 90's. I was sponsored by Miller Genuine Draft Beer and featured in their Commercials. Ans. Tracie M

5. One Halloween I told a midget he had an awesome costume. Ans. Turph

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