Workout of the Day (WOD)

Saturday 1/21/12

It's getting close to the deadline to register and guarantee you get a tshirt for the 2nd Annual CrossFit Bellevue & Interbay Throwdown.

9am & 10am WODs announced in class.

Friday Fun Facts:

1. I once was stranded in Mexico without a passport. I’ve counted fasteners inside of a space shuttle’s wing. I flew on a 747 intercontinental jumbo jet with only 5 other people on it. Ans. Marcos

2. I only watched one Superbowl game from start to finish and still don't understand the rules of football. Ans. Richard

3. Was a First Team All-State Soccer Player in High School. I Reached summit of Mt. Rainier. All four of my siblings are avid CrossFitters. Stabbed myself with my ice axe while Mt. Climbing. Once belonged to a Cheese-Of-The-Month Club. I threw up on a stripper at Scores in New York. Ans. Vince

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