Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 1/24/12

Do you know what today is? Yes it's the very first Tuesday 9:15am class.  Who's going to be there?

January 25th is the deadline for tshirts for athletes, volunteers and judges at the 2012 CrossFit Bellevue & Interbay Throwdown

Bekah playing in the snow at Lake Chelan

Get your moneys worth.  How to Lengthen your WOD

Strength: 20 Hollow Rocks ten seconds each


"Constant Pressure"

3 Rounds

15 Push Press (95/65)

20 Wallballs (20/14)

25 Double Unders

To get RX You must do the 15, 20 and 25 reps of each excersice in a row before you can move onto the next.  If you have to break up the exercise (for example.. 15 double unders and then you trip on the rope) you must try again to get all 25 in a row.  Another example:  If you're doing Wall Balls and do 10 then catch the ball and pause at the top or drop the ball, you must try again to get all 20 in a row.  If you drop the Wall Ball at 12 reps, you do not start at the push press.  You start at the beginning of the Wall Balls.  Now this is only for Rx.  15 Minute Time Cap

Monday Fun Facts:

1. I once was mistaken for Prince's bastard son. Prince's bastard son has tied my shoes when I was like 3 (we were in the same pre-school). I heard about this gym for a months and I refused to visit. Then loved it after the first workout. Ans. Shogun

2. I once hit a moving police car going about 45 mph, spinning him around 360 degrees.  No one was hurt and I didn't even get ticketed. I threw up on four people at once at a work convention.  I work as a deckhand/dockworker for a small cruise ship company. Ans. Shane M.

3. I've done multiple adventures with Ron.  We did the City Slicker Rodeo in Montana, did a gopher hunting weekend in Montana, we climbed Mt. Rainier and we ran in the Tacoma Marathon together.  Something more personal about myself: When I was 5 I loved the birthday girl porcelain dolls a friend of mine had but was sad they were supposed to be only for girls, so my father got me one for my birthday every year after that from ages 6-16, I love them and still have them.  Below is a picture of one from my collection.  Ans. A very sensitive Jake V.

Tuesday Fun Facts:

1. When I was 13 I got hit by a car while riding my bike and broke my leg. My helmet shattered. I then went around to different Catholic schools telling kids how important it is to wear helmets. Marcus Tuiasosopo hit a 430 foot homerun off my curveball in high school baseball playoffs. Even before I started crossfit, I was known for my special ability to carry heavy shit. I’m a sherpa.

2. I have a special talent of figuring out what someone's "animal" is based on looks and/or characteristics. My college friends are a hyena, bird, lizard, beluga whale, and I guess I'll divulge that I'm a pony. I once stood in line for 4 hours to meet Alyssa Milano and get her signature on my dorky poster of her. I had a relatively intimate dinner with Kurt Vonnegut. Really! There were just 8 of us at the table. I wish I had his signature instead of Alyssa's.

3. I convinced my son and all my nephews that I was a ninja, to the point that 4 or 5 years ago, everyone of them dressed as a ninja for Halloween, and they all said they wanted to be like their uncle. I grew up in a town of 286 people, which now has 285. At age 12 I ate 12 hard shell tacos, and lost to my brother who ate 14.

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