Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 1/26/12

Strength:  Sumo Deadlift Use your Wendler Week 1 numbers


Row 1,000m


OH Squats (95/65)


Wednesday Fun Facts:

1. At age 9, I had a VERY large collection of snakes.  My first concert experience was in 1976, KISS Destroyer tour but in 1985, I saw Def Leppard 4 times in 2 states. I spent a month with Sipaliwini Indians in southern Suriname where I was offered Monkey head soup (I politely declined).   I created a new variety of the Venus Flytrap called the "Red Dragon" in 1998.  Ans. Ron G. (picture below)

2. I've had beers with Julio Iglesias and Jon Voight (separately).  Ans. George M.

3. Of course there is the obvious one, that I just joined the Army.  My favorite vacation I ever went on was to a Dude Ranch in Wyoming. I have a Hummingbird named Esteban. I once got an earbud from IPOD headphones stuck in my ear.  Ans. Danae

Thursday Fun Facts:

1. I Summitted Rainier in '96. I went snowblind for two days as a kid as I went ahead of the group and took my sunglasses off on Mt. Rainier.   In wrestling, I finished 2nd and 4th in WA state and with the most wins in the history of my high school.  In High School, I was state powerlifting champion and in USA Powerlifting Magazine with the top bench press in the country for my weight class. (LIGHT WEIGHT!!!)

2. My father-in-law played in the NHL. I have snooped around inside Paul Allen's house (I peed in one of his bathrooms, too).

Ron G. Always had  love for reptiles and feathered hair :-)

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