Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 1/27/12

Here is a conversation I had recently:

CFIB'er:  Ron I need more CFIB clothes.  I need socks, shorts, tshirts, underwear,wrist bands, headbands, jacket, and a CFIB bathing suit.

Me:  Uhhhhh No

CFIB'er:  It will make me so much cooler and everyone will want to make out with me.

Me:   Fine, I'll have sweatshirts made up if you promise to not give me details or pictures about your hot and heavy make out sessions you got because of our awesome CrossFit Interbay clothing.

CFIB'er:  You better not go on Facebook or the internet ever, otherwise I can't make any promises.

So here we are.  CrossFit Interbay Hooded Sweatshirts.  Derek will be bringing in a sample of the sweatshirt today so you can try it on for sizing.  They can be ordered here  we will not keep any of these in stock.  So if you want one order it online.  They are $40 dollars each.



Run 800m

20 SDHP (75/55)

20 Push-Ups

Run 800m

20 Power Snatch (75/55)

20 Knees to Elbow

Run 800m

20 Thruster (75/55)


Yes there will be a time cap and we will scale.  Having people, run 400m, 200m, row, lighter weight, adjusted reps.  We will adjust this WOD to your 100%

Thursday Fun Facts:

1. I Summitted Rainier in '96. I went snowblind for two days as a kid as I went ahead of the group and took my sunglasses off on Mt. Rainier.   In wrestling, I finished 2nd and 4th in WA state and with the most wins in the history of my high school.  In High School, I was state powerlifting champion and in USA Powerlifting Magazine with the top bench press in the country for my weight class. (LIGHT WEIGHT!!!) Ans. Adam P.(FYI he's also a very violent Black Jack player)

2. My father-in-law played in the NHL. I have snooped around inside Paul Allen's house (I peed in one of his bathrooms, too).  Ans. Beth AKA B-Hop

Friday Fun Facts(last facts for this year, sad face):

1. One of my favorite hobbies is flyfishing....but i am what one would call a "fair-weather fisher".  I am an avid Fantasy Football'er....I am in 2 fantasy football leagues this year and money is on the line! I have 2 tattoos....neither can be seen while in crossfit attire.

2. The first time I mixed a live show, I did the monitors for the Lonely Forest.  My console was set up right by the band, so I had a really good view then the lead singer knocked a keyboard off the stage and into the audience mid-song. 

3. I used to train horses as a summer job.

4. I was on the pilot episde of the reality show "Elimidate"  Where one woman dates 4 guys and she picks one person at the end of the show as the winner to go on a weekend get away date.  (cough cough cough) of course I won.

That's right the sport of fitness has arrived.  Even if you never want to compete, doing CrossFit is fun, with great people and you will get you in the best shape of your life.  If you're curious what a CrossFit competition looks like come to the on February 4th.  There are going to be some sick athletes competing.  So far we have over 150 of the top North West athletes registered. 

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