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Saturday 1/28/12

Friday Fun Facts(last facts for this year, sad face):

1. One of my favorite hobbies is flyfishing....but i am what one would call a "fair-weather fisher".  I am an avid Fantasy Football'er....I am in 2 fantasy football leagues this year and money is on the line! I have 2 tattoos....neither can be seen while in crossfit attire. Ans. Sydney S.

2. The first time I mixed a live show, I did the monitors for the Lonely Forest.  My console was set up right by the band, so I had a really good view then the lead singer knocked a keyboard off the stage and into the audience mid-song.  Ans. Kerri

3. I used to train horses as a summer job.  Ans. Jess

4. I was on the pilot episde of the reality show "Elimidate"  Where one woman dates 4 guys and she picks one person at the end of the show as the winner to go on a weekend get away date.  (cough cough cough) of course I won.  Ans. Bon-Joey (My internet ninjas were not able to find a copy of this episode, please please please can someone find it)

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