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Saturday 1/7/11

See you at 9am and the 10am team wod

Here are your Friday Fun Facts answers:

1. I was a team debate nerd in high school, was even California State Champ.  I've seen Phish 42 times in 9 different states, 7 of which are east of the Mississippi.  If there was a 5'10" and under swimming league in high school, I would have dominated.  Ans. Tom B

2. I proposed to my wife in a gravel parking lot outside of Bent Prop Saloon in the middle of no where Arizona, I have two cats, I’ve traveled to about 25 countries and about 40 states, I’ve gone over 2 months without showering, I once accidentally put chips on the green square at a roulette table in vegas….and won. Ans. Geoff (2 months without a shower....the Marine Corps)

3. I have run 5 marathons including New York City last year. I am a professionally licensed SCUBA Divemaster. I competitively race sailboats and our boat won the Seattle NOOD regatta this year. At the age of 18 I was the CFO of international currency trading operation based in Nevis, West Indies... (Damn Euro ruined that goldmine). I am the board president of a women's chemical dependence treatment center in West Seattle. (we are always accepting donations). I have been called sarcastic, but I don't believe it. Ans. Lance

4. I was the first altar-GIRL in the metropolitan archdiocese of the catholic. I was a budding young feminist and convinced someone that it was only fair. I think this was a short-lived policy. They don't have altar-girls anymore. One summer I rode my bicycle from Seattle to Washington DC.  Ans. Nicole

5. I have 2 sons, 2 cats, one dog and a hamster.   I perform with in musicals and operas in the seattle area. I have been in many shows with companies like Seattle Civic Light Opera, Bellevue Opera and Lyric Opera Northwest.   I am a big Hot yoga buff, too.  Ans. Christine

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