Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 1/10/12

Just a reminder about new faces in the gym.  Make sure you introduce yourselves, make them feel welcome and part of the group.  Remember your first time in the class, hopefully someone came up said hi and let you in on all the inside jokes :)

New classes 5 days a week!!!! The 9:15am class will be 5 days a week, Monday - Friday starting January 23rd. 

In case you didn't notice, the Intermediate WODs are posted at  We will do a modified version of Intermediate WOD number two.  If you'd like an explanation of the WOD, here you go.

Strength:  Backsquat Week 2 (be sure to increase your numbers from the last cycle)


Buy in 50 Box Jumps (20 inches)

Then 2 rounds

Run 100m

20 OH Lunges with Medicine Ball (20/14)

Run 100m

10 Shoot Throughs


Cash out 50 Air Squats

Monday Fun Facts:

1. I talk to Jesus Mary and St. Joseph when the going gets tough!  I also eat beans for breakfast. Ans. Noreen

2. I have a degree in pastry and baking yet I have never worked as a pastry chef or baker.  Ans. Claire S.

3. I like organizing other peoples closets.  I used to wear two different high heels for a year without knowing it and then I named them size ten elevens.  I worked as a lifeguard in summers during high school.  Ans.  Kendal

4. My trail name is Tasty Pie.  I am an ultrarunner.  I started running late summer 2009 and I ran my first 5k that October.  I have since run four 50k's and a 12 hour race.  I also hold the highly prestigious title of Fastest Running Christmas Tree over 4.5 miles in Charlotte, NC.  Ans. Kay

Tuesday Fun Facts:

1. My original major in college was Pre-Med (biology) ....and I graduated with a degree in Fashion. I hate jazz music and am terrified of birds.  I love pizza, I can eat an entire medium pizza and bottle of wine in a single sitting.

2. I'm an aspiring crazy cat lady. I dyed some of my hair blue for bit. I paint every once in awhile.  Below are a couple of my  paintings.

3. I travel...A LOT!  I spent 3 of the last 6 years traveling around the world and have been to every continent except Antarctica (too cold!! haha :)

4. I have had my poster and t-shirt designs destroyed by Greg Allman and blessed by Sir Paul McCartney.  Back in the day, I was in a Break Dance Gang and my street name was "Oreo Fillin".

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