Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 10/22/12

What can we say, we stand out :-) 

How to get the most out of your WODs each day? Strategize! I never do a workout without a game plan. Granted, there are a few workouts you try to do non-stop, but for the most part, all workouts should be thought out. You need to plan on your rep scheme, amount of rest time between reps, weight to be used, etc. If you go pedal to the metal right from the get go, you are usually destined to have a bad workout. Having a bad workout every time you come to the gym will dishearten you in no time. I look at every WOD as a fitness game and treat it as such. Try to figure out the best way to attack the workout. You still have to work hard, but it can make it more fun while improving your times :-) 

Strength/Skill:  Hang Clean (spend 15-20 minutes building up to a 1RM)


"Up Hill Battle"


Thrusters (95/65)

Men Chest Clapping Push Ups/Women Strict Push Ups (not hand release, strict chest to ground)

*25 Double Unders after each round

15 Minute Time Cap

I'm not into this music, it's no Biz Markie but the video is good on demonstrating strict push ups

Have you ever thought a tv show, commercial or movie was made with you in mind.  A couple of times in my life I thought the person that created a couple of things had to have known me and had me in mind. 

1st the volleyball scene in Top Gun, that was me every weekend when I was in the Air Force.  Beach volleyball, jeans, sun, no shirt, cool secret handshake and being awesome.....CHECK!


2nd, whoever created the 1990's game Papa the Rapper video game.  One character in the game is named Chop Chop Master Onion.  Seriously it's a cheesy rapping video game where the Master in Tae Kwon Do is rapping about fighting, performing cheesy dance moves while being awesome.  It's me and named after me. COME ON AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT!!!!! 

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