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Monday 10/29/12

CFIB will do a Halloween WOD on Tuesday October 30th during the 6 & 7pm class(you do not need to register for the Tuesday 6 & 7pm class).  Try to come in at the 6 and it will likely last all the way through both classes but if you can't come unil later that's fine.  We aren't doing it on Halloween because many people will be trick or treating.....I mean taking their kids trick or treating :-)  Costumes highly encouraged but not mandatory.

November 10th is 80's Prom!!!!!! It's party time and we're going to party like it's 1989.  Come in your best 80's dress and attitude.  Pass the word.

Also, if you didn't see Erins post in comments last week, we are out of tape.  We do not supply tape regularly. If you need tape you have two options, bring your own or contribute to the community tape supply. The general rule of thumb is if you use the gym or community tape, you donate a roll. This often keeps the supply on hand. However, if people are using and not donating we run out. Right now we are out. So just a heads up, there is no gym tape at the moment.

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Updates this week on the Toys for Tots Team Fundraiser for the Team Competition 

Matt & Valery created this pumpkin over the weekend.  Way to step it up!!!!  Send me your pumpkin creations.


Article from Mens Health Magazine "Fittest Men Ever"......really? 

Men’s Health article titled “The Fittest Men Ever”. Would Rich Froning Jr. be on the list? Some sports stars made the list like Karl Malone, Walter Payton, Carl Lewis and Michael Jordan made.

And while it's great some sport stars made the list…many sports stars were surpassed by actors and other media icons with no real “fitness” to speak of other than sex appeal (which has to count for something…right??).

Which leads me to this question:

At what point, if ever, will the true definition of “fitness” be accepted to be what a person can “do” and not merely how they “look”?

As a side note, I’d be really interested to see who they’d put on the list for the Fittest Women Ever…

Pictures from 2011 CFIB Halloween WOD

Strength: Front Squat 2x2x2x2x2 (80-90%)


12 Minutes.  Every minute on the minute do the following 

2 Reps Power Clean

4 Burpees

*If you finish the above reps in 10 seconds you, use the rest of the minute as rest.

**Your score will be the weight you used to complete all 12 minutes of the workout.

Words do not express how much joy I get from this song and video.......I never realized I was such a cat lover :-)

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