Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 11/13/12

First:  Kerri will be playing lead trumpet in the orchestra pit with the Driftwood Players for a run of The Music Man!  Go check it out.

Next:  Thank you to everyone that made it to the 80's prom, it was a lot of fun.  I'm still feeling it :-)

A big thank you to Richard for setting up the photo booth.  It raised the party to another level and we get to re-live the prom all the time......which is a good thing, right? 

Seriously Thank you Richard, everyone needs a Richard in their life.

Here is the link to the pictures: CrossFit Interbay Prom Pictures

The Apple Cup WOD will be this Saturday or Sunday time TBD!  With the Husky's and Cougs playing on Saturday and the Seahawks have a bye week this weekend, that early Sunday may be the best time.  Thoughts???? Get your teams together and let me know what works for everyones schedule. 

The team size may be modified based off how many can participate.  However so far the plan is, each team must come up with 7 people to compete 4 Men + 3 Women. There will be 3 WODs to score points towards your College teams point spread.  How many UW Teams and WSU Teams can participate?  As many teams that you'd like, as long as the participants are CFIB members.  Yes Yes Yes Multiple UW and WSU Teams can participate....let the complaining & celebrating begin :-)

We are thinking of letting an independant CFIB team in, this team will be 7 people representing everyone else.  They won't hang a flag  but more people want to join in the fun, so let's have them.

WOD 1:

Select a person to start and finish the WOD.

Person 1 will perform 20 burpees then run 800m, when they come through the door the team members #2 & 3 will do:

Team Fran:  The rep scheme will go as follows 21/21 Thrusters, 21/21 Pull-ups, 15/15 Thrusters, 15/15 Pull-Ups, 9/9 Thrusters, and 9/9 Pull-Ups.  (Men will do 95 pounds/Women 65 Pounds).

When your team has completed Team Fran then team members 4 & 5 will do:

Team Grace:  The rep scheme will be that each team member must swap after 10 reps until you've both completed 30 reps each.  (Men will do 135 pounds/Women 95 pounds).

When your team has completed Team Grace then team members 6 & 7 will do:

Team Annie:  The rep scheme will be 50/50 Double Unders, 50/50 Sit Ups, 40/40 Double Unders, 40/40 Sit Ups, 30/30 Double Unders, 30/30 Sit Ups, 20/20 Double Unders, 20/20 Sit Ups, 10/10 Double Unders, 10/10 Sit Ups.

When your team has completed Team Annie then team member #1 will finish the WOD by doing:

20 Burpees then run 800m.

The winning Team will receive 4.5 points towards their team.

WOD 2:

10 Minute Max Calorie Row.

Each team will be given two rowers that can be going at the same time.  Break it up as a team however you want.  Most calories rowed wins 3 points towards their team.

WOD 3:

Most School Spirit.  Whichever team, teams fans in the gym & teams supporters in the gym show the most school spirit, colors and school outfits will win 2 points toward their team.  Before you ask....Yes you can bring non CFIB members to help with WOD 3.  Get as many rowdy supporters showing their colors, flags, face paint, whatever it takes for your side to show the most school spirit and earn the points.

I'm not choosing the teams.  A representative from each side will let me know who the 4 men & 3 women for the UW Team and WSU Teams are.  I need to know by Thursday so I can announce it in the Friday post.

 WOD for Tuesday 11/13/12

Strength:  Shoulder Press 5x3x2x1+ (75, 85, 90, 95%)


3 Rounds

10 Front Squats (135/95)

10 Burpees

30 Double Unders

*12 Minute Time Cap

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